Microsoft Surface Duo caught on camera with a pen

Surface Duo Tent

Caught. Yeah. Buzz among the bees is that Microsoft will release the Surface Duo earlier than was originally expected. And the handset certain seems to be ready for prime time.

At least, it looks to be in some of its more recent appearances.

And while Redmond remains mum on the matter, more and more teasers continue to float up on a regular basis. A lot of them are posted by company officials, most notably Panos Panay who leads the hardware charge at the company.

This new one, however, comes from Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications at Microsoft Corporation.

Figuring it was his turn, he accidentally revealed the Surface Duo in a couple of photos posted as tweets:

While the official purpose of the tweets was to highlight his baking skills, the Surface Duo is what caught everybody’s attention.

The upcoming Android handset was pictured alongside a Surface Slim Pen, which looks like a new stylus design that goes with the dual-screen handset. The stylus teased here is notably slimmer and smaller than the one that is available with the Surface Pro X.

Another interesting highlight in these photos is the front-facing flash.

But, of course, the main point of these pictures is to show the multitasking power of the device, and how it allows users to run two apps side by side on different screens at the same time. This pretty much is the promise and power of the Surface Duo.

There’s an awful lot that we have yet to find out about the device, though, including its pricing and worldwide availability.

But these details should not be too far off, seeing that the device is now a regular on social media.

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