Mary Jo Foley tries to decipher Windows 10X

Mary Jo Foley

Mary Jo Foley here with the answers! Windows 10X is not the easiest of operating systems to wrap your head around. And it got a bit more complex when Microsoft announced a change in direction midflight.

Redmond wowed the world when it first introduced the new OS back in October.

The company unveiled two dual-screen devices at its hardware event — one running Android, and the other powered by Windows 10X. Surface Duo was as much a surprise as the Surface Neo, with both new machines signaling that Microsoft was ready to take a different route.

Back then, the software titan made clear that Windows 10X was designed for new dual-screen PCs like the Surface Neo, and not as an OS upgrade for those who already own a PC.

However, back in April we first got news that Microsoft was moving ahead with Windows 10X but now planned to bring it to single-screen machines.

What is going on, you may ask?

And this is exactly what longtime Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley tries to find out, as she digs deep to find out what the company’s vision is for the newest version of Windows.

CNET got Mary to share her thoughts on what she believes is going on with Windows 10X, and how exactly a dual-screen operating system ended up on single-screen devices? More importantly, what is the long play here from Microsoft.

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet is one of the most prime voices on Microsoft, and she provides some neat insights in this video.

Yet, a lot of puzzle solving remains regarding Windows 10X, and just how this new OS will fare once it makes its way out to the market next year.

In the meantime, you can follow Mary at All About Microsoft and on Windows Weekly.

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