Microsoft shows off the bumper case for Surface Duo

Technically, it’s good old Panos Panay doing the deed. But it looks like we got our first look at the bumper case that Microsoft is working on for the upcoming Surface Duo phone.

The dual-screen device may be here sooner than expected.

And no wonder it has been in the news lately, with rumors and leaks and candid photos abound.

This latest one comes directly form the Windows and hardware boss at Microsoft, who shared his excitement for the handset in a reply to a tweet. Accompanying it was this photo that showed off this new case for the Duo.


Surface Duo Bumper Case

Not bad.

Foldable phones are not the most durable ones around. And the Surface Duo being a dual-screen hinge-based device may even be more fragile. And a case like this will most definitely help add some protection for the handset.

Microsoft working on a bumper case for this unusual design is not unusual, keeping in mind the fact that there may not be too many options out there in terms of accessories.

The device is so new, after all.

Which is probably why the tech giant has created its own bumper case for it. It may likely be something that it plans to either pack in with the device itself, or sell on its website when the Duo officially launches this August.

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