Microsoft explains the unique behavior of the Surface Duo hinge

Surface Duo In Hand

Microsoft may be looking at innovating beyond what we know as the traditional hinge, but these components are still very much a part of the upcoming Surface line of devices.

As in, the Surface Duo and Surface Neo.

Redmond announced both these devices at an illustrious event in October last year. And though the Windows 10X powered Neo will take its sweet time hitting store shelves, there are signs that the Android powered Duo is right on the horizon.

Adding credence to this notion is the fact that Microsoft has been busy laying the groundwork for this new device.

Surface Duo Hinge App

This time around, the software titan explained the unique behavior of the Surface Duo device to app developers, outlining how they can take advantage of the dual-screen and the hinge posture of the device to design their applications.

As explained:

“In this example, the app starts from the single screen and features a color picker and a clear button as the basic tools to use while drawing. You can do some random drawing on this screen to test it out. When you span the single screen to dual-screen mode, your drawing will be mirrored on the second screen.”

The Hinge Angle Sensor API is the one doing the all heavy lifting here, which is what developers now have the ability to use in the applications they code for the new handset.

Of course, the Surface Duo has it made when it comes to software. The device comes with full support for Play Store apps, though Android developers will want to update their creations for the new form factor that this device brings about.

As will its cousin, the Surface Neo, when it sees daylight.

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