Microsoft will bring Windows 10X features to Windows 10

Windows 10X Device

Microsoft recently promised a reignited focus in Windows, using the word renewed investment. And part of this new deal will see the company bring some Windows 10X features to the mainline operating system.

Redmond has confirmed that Windows 10 and Windows 10X will coexist side-by-side on PCs next year, with the company vowing to provide the best of both worlds on either platform.

And this essentially means that some of the features and innovations developed for the upcoming Windows 10X will make their way to the main Windows 10 OS. The software titan is yet to talk about which features, but it’s an easy guess.

Two of the main underlying platform improvements that the Redmond-based company is currently working on for Windows 10X are faster Windows Updates and the ability to run legacy Win32 programs in a sandboxed environment.

Both of these can potentially make their way to Windows 10 proper, in due time.

The company has, however, confirmed that it will begin talking more about these plans in the summer and into the fall.

Over the course of this year, we should have the official details of which Windows 10X features are penciled in for arrival on Windows 10, and how Microsoft plans to differentiate between its two distinctly unique operating platforms.

Windows 10X itself is not expected to be ready until next year, with Microsoft hoping to see this new OS power single-screen PCs in the first half of 2021.

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