Chrome commit hints that work on Windows 10X continues

Chromium Project

Seems like Microsoft is still working on making applications compatible with its new OS. A recent commit on the Chromium project suggests that things are progressing.

Slow and steady.

The Redmond-based company made it known last month that it was shifting gears when it came to its vision for Windows 10X — basically getting the new platform right by focusing on single-screen devices first before getting to the revolutionary dual-screen machines.

But getting the new platform right means ensuring that the operating system plays nice with the apps.

Chromium Commit

And this is exactly what this commit on Chrome Gerrit confirms.

It reads:

“On Windows Core OS systems, the character limit for the app container name is 50 characters. Chromium currently supplies app container names > 50 characters. This change shortens the sandbox process names.”

Essentially, it fixed a little issue that prevented Chrome from running on Windows Core OS, and by extension, Windows 10X.

This development does not confirm that the OS is nearing launch, far from it. Windows 10X is not expected to launch this year. The only reason why Microsoft delayed this new platform is to give it the additional polish that it deserves.

But it does show that work on this new flavor of Windows is progressing at a fair clip.

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