Surface Duo launch pretty much confirmed for August

Land ahead! Microsoft announced the Surface Duo last fall. Back then, the company said that this Android powered handset was supposed to launch holiday 2020.

This was a date that the software titan pushed ahead after it was forced to delay the Surface Neo because it was struggling to get Windows 10X ready. For a brief while there was speculation that the Duo would be here this month, as in July.

However, a new report sets straight the picture, claiming that the Surface Duo will begin shipping the week of August 24.

Less than a month, then, before the device makes it to market.

If this holds true, then this will be nice change of pace for Microsoft. The company typically holds a Surface event where it unveils the product lineup, and buyers are able to order them a few weeks to a month later.

Worth a mention here that this is still an unconfirmed report, as Redmond is yet to make things official. It does come from a fairly reliable source, however. Besides, all other signs point to the Duo being ready for prime time.

The development of the Surface Duo seems to have progressed in a more streamlined fashion. Which itself is a surprise, considering that this will be the first ever Android device that Microsoft will launch.

We’ll just have to a few more weeks.

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