Windows 10X arrives for dual-screen devices in 2022

Dual Screen Device

No surprises here, folks. None at all. Microsoft continues to adjust its Windows 10X plans behind closed doors, as development of this exciting new operating system progresses.

This new platform was originally being designed to power dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo.

However, as the company continued to work on Windows 10X, it camve across certain issues that eventually had a say in development of this new OS. Earlier this year, the company announced that Windows 10X will not remain exclusive to dual-screen devices but will also power traditional PC.

Albeit, on new hardware only.

Furthermore, the software titan confirmed in early May that Windows 10X will come to single-screen computers first instead of dual-screen PCs.

More news arrived today by the way of Mary Jo Foley.

She reports what we already expected. And that being the fact that while single-screen Windows 10X PCs are set to hit store shelves in spring 2021, the dual-screen ones will only see action a year later, in spring 2022.

In all likelihood, this is to allow Redmond more time to fully prepare this new platform for more powerful and capable dual-screen hardware, like the Surface Neo.

Interestingly, while we’re on the subject of release dates, the Surface Neo listing still says that it is coming this holiday season. But that’s only because the company has not revised the website after the device was delayed.

Either way, it’s going to be a fair while before we truly get to see Windows 10X in all its glory on these innovative dual-screen devices.

The party starts with traditional single-screen hardware next year!

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