Microsoft Remote Desktop gets new features on Android

Microsoft Remote Desktop

A new update for Android is now live. Working remotely has been quite a challenge for many of us and finding an app arsenal that allowed us to remain productive from the comfort of our ad-hoc home office wasn’t something as easy as it sounds.

This is one of the reasons the adoption of Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed throughout 2020, with Microsoft itself admitting it didn’t expect to reach 115 million daily active users so fast.

But it happened, and people obviously adopted many other apps out there too, including the Remote Desktop that Microsoft itself offers on mobile devices.

The Android version of Microsoft Remote Desktop has recently received a new update that should help users with their tasks when connecting to a server from the small screen of their devices.

And version includes support for client-side IMEs when using the built-in or on-screen keyboards. So, in theory, you can now use the built-in and the on-screen keyboard from the client side, thus easing the whole process of working remotely.

In addition, Microsoft says it has integrated credential prompting into the workspace subscription flow and improved the WVD workplace download performance to prevent throttling.

As you can easily figure out, these are improvements specifically aimed at enterprises, but after all, Microsoft Remote Desktop isn’t necessarily an app aimed at consumers anyway.

The latest update also includes fixes for instances of the UI showing incorrect command icons, so overall, after installing the new version, everything should work a bit smoother and be more reliable on Android devices.

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