Microsoft Support website gets a new mobile section

Microsoft Mobile Apps

Redmond recently updates its Microsoft Support website, adding in a dedicated new section for help and support about mobile devices, along with several new communities related to the company’s services.

Before you ask, no, this has got nothing to do with the return of the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

Microsoft is all about bringing its apps and services to Android and iOS, and these two mobile platforms are now squarely the focus for the software titan. This new support section is basically meant to provide users with official support and resources related to these efforts.

Admittedly, the name of the section is a tad confusing. And that’s because while the site mentions mobile devices, it’s certainly not Microsoft hardware.

Microsoft Support Website Mobile

Instead, you will find stuff related to the mobile experiences that the company provides, including solutions like Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Launcher, Your Phone, and more.

You have information about Your Phone, the partnership between Microsoft and Samsung that enables Galaxy devices to have additional capabilities, as well as guidance to set up mobile applications and email on your smartphones.

Interestingly enough, there is no section for Microsoft Edge — despite the new browser being offered on both Android and iOS.

The software titan is ready to unleash the first of its dual-screen efforts in the form of the Surface Duo, and this website refresh seems to be part of the push towards offering its mobile customers a dedicated resource that outlines all the possibilities.

Neat effort.

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