This Windows 10X inspired Start menu sure is a looker

Start Menu Concept

One big problem with Windows 10 is its lack of design consistency. Five years since release, Microsoft is still working on it. The company has a fresh chance with Windows 10X, but a lot of work remains.

And it knows this.

Work is underway to give the operating system a fresh coat of paint, and polishing the various elements seems like high priority for Redmond. More so, because with Windows 10X, the company can leave legacy components out and go in with a completely modern feel.

Come to think of it, a modern feel is exactly what this new design concept is all about.

Microsoft shared these screenshots earlier this week, providing us with a sneak peek at the new possibilities that could define the UI of its operating platforms.

As you can easily tell from these images, it is pretty clear that Windows 10X is the version that provides the design inspiration for the whole thing.

The live tiles themselves are not going anywhere — despite rumors to the contrary — but the overall look and the new set of icons both contribute to a more consistent approach from one end of the Start menu to the next.

Of course, Windows 10X comes with its own unique set of icons and visual effects that make for a refreshed UI. And many wanted Microsoft to bring this sense and sensibility to the main Windows 10 design as well.

Worth noting that, at the end of the day, these screenshots are just that.


They are not indicative of the final design that will ship anytime soon, particularly with a Windows 10 feature upgrade. But they do tell that the software titan is currently exploring a new redesign for its operating platforms, and the company is in for a sleek and consistent approach.

And that’s good enough!

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