Surface spring 2021 hardware lineup comes in new colors

Surface Colors

Microsoft has been awfully quiet this year when it comes to hardware. Aside from the refreshed Surface Pro 7 Plus released in January, we have not seen much action or even much talk.

The company has launched a healthy array of products during the global pandemic that included the Surface Go 2, Surface Pro X 2, and Surface Laptop Go, but fans are still expecting updates to the flagship Surface devices in 2021.

To that end, another set of Surface rumors have, well, surfaced.

According to the latest intelligence from Zac Bowden, Microsoft is still planning a Surface event this spring. And that event will mark the arrival of update accessories and color options for the hardware, along with new Teams specific Bluetooth headphones, and Surface Classroom Pen options.

Minor refreshes of existing product lines are also on the card.

Regarding the refreshed Surface lineup, rumors remain constant with those of last year that speculated that the Microsoft Surface Laptops will come both in 11th-generation Intel and older AMD Ryzen variants.

Microsoft and AMD may have mixed reviews for their partnership on the Surface front, but the two companies look set to continue their relationship.

Alongside its laptop, Redmond is rumored to be prepping a pair of Surface Headphones targeted at commercial users with a specific emphasis on Teams enabled functionality. These new cans could come with the same Plus moniker as the Surface Pro 7 Plus, further solidifying this naming convention.

Which is a naming convention that delineates consumer Microsoft products form its commercial ones.

Again, everything above is listed as speculation, as the technology giant has not made any public statements regarding its new hardware. Or even, thrown an indication that it plans to hold an event this spring, summer, or fall.

But something is coming, alright!

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