New Windows 95 easter egg stirs nostalgia

Memories! Windows 95 is a relic, but it remains one of the iconic operating systems that Microsoft has ever created. And like any good classic, there is a lot packed in.

Not just in terms of features, but easter eggs too that add to its legend.

The OS may be 26 years old now, but enthusiasts continue to discover new and novel things in it. If for some reason you still have Windows 95 running — whether on a backup computer or in a virtual environment for nostalgia purposes — there is a new easter egg that you could try on it.

Brought to light by a Twitter user, this appears to be an easter egg that nobody has come across before. It’s hiding in the Internet Mail of Internet Explorer 4. You have to open its About window, select one of the files, and type MORTIMER.

As revealed:

If you have never thought of taking a look there, what you will discover is a list of developers who worked on the program and hid their names in the program.

Of course, this does not change anything, as Windows 95 is still a platform that has long sailed into the sunset. But it still is interesting to find the easter eggs that Microsoft and the Windows development team included in the platform.

Hid in the operating system, so to say.

Oh, and if you do not have a copy of Windows 95 running withing easy reach, then you can load the OS in the browser using this web-based emulator. Good way to try out the easter egg without installing the operating system.

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