Multiple device support comes to Your Phone

Your Phone

Microsoft is zooming along with its cross-platform strategy. And apps are the most integral part of this approach. Apps like Your Phone, which just got a little spit and polish.

The tool has actually been getting a bunch of new features and additions lately. Including the ability to control media playback from the app, as well as the option to use the background image of your smartphone as its own.

Not to mention the vendor-specific capabilities reserved for Samsung devices like clipboard sync and file drag-and-drop.

That said, one notable limitation of this very useful app is the inability to connect more than one device. An option like this would enable users to manage all their phones at the same time — ideal for potential buyers of the upcoming Surface Duo.

Thankfully, that is now changing.

Redmond announced via a tweet that the Your Phone app now supports multiple devices. This feature is currently in testing, and only available for those enrolled in the Insider program. But general availability should not be too far away.

This new feature is limited to Android phones that re running Android 7 Nougat or newer.

Adding in additional device is about as simple as it gets. Just head to the settings section of the Your Phone app, and click the ‘Add a device’ button. Doing so, the tool will walk you through a setup process allowing you to connect your secondary phone.

Welcome addition for those who use the tool and use more than one device, like separate work and personal phones.

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