Calendar app is getting improved search

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Microsoft is ready to bring along a search upgrade for its Calendar app, with the feature currently said to be in preview. Along with this, the company is also working on new themes.

It was a while back that the software titan announced its intention to overhaul the entire Calendar experience on Windows 10. The company promised multiple features would arrive for the application each month.

This is what it said:

“We’re updating the Calendar app for Windows 10 with improved features, new themes, and a cleaner interface that’s easier to use. The Calendar preview is an early look at this update. It will initially include a subset of the features currently available in Calendar today, and we’ll be adding more features each month.”

Well, it seems like Redmond has finally caught up with things, pun always intended.

According to this tweet, improved search is one of the new features that Microsoft is readying for the app, and it seems almost ready for prime time.

Looks much better in GIF.

The feature allows you to search for any event on your Calendar, and simply typing it in the search box yields a list of events. You then have the option of clicking on any of the items in your search results to view additional details.

Along with enhanced search functionality, the Calendar app is getting 34 new themes and a better month view. Microsoft is also in the process of redesigning account navigation, and offering an improved way to add events.

Plenty of action, then.

All these additions are currently undergoing beta testing right now, so expect the official arrival of these features in the Calendar app soon.

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