Windows 10X will have a new modern File Explorer

Windows 10 Modern File Explorer

The final version of Windows 10X will include a new modern File Explorer.

File Explorer in Windows 10 is currently a part of the Windows Shell and it lets you browse the folders and files as well as other parts of the Operating System.

In Windows 10X however, File Explorer is an independent application that will have access to your files in local storage and OneDrive only.

As we have said before, Windows 10x is being positioned as a Google Chrome OS competitor so OneDrive close-knit integration makes sense.

File Explorer settings

As you can see in the above screenshot of an early version of the modern file manager, Microsoft has removed all the legacy components of the classic Explorer.

Storage related options will now only be available in the main Settings app.

According to reliable sources, Microsoft has already finalized the RTM candidate for Windows 10X.

The final version of Windows 10 lacks support for Win32 apps, but a new service called ‘Cloud PC’ will be used to stream apps over the internet so they do not have to be installed natively.

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