Windows 10x will have cleaner and more efficient modular code

Windows 10x clean code

With Windows 10x, Microsoft is looking to make Windows more efficient and less sluggish.

The company has acknowledged that Windows 10 can slow down over time due to antivirus software, Windows Updates, the Windows registry, miscellaneous programs etc.

They are trying to do something different with Windows 10x.

Developers who are working on Windows 10x are said to be addressing this issue directly and making sure that the code for the software is efficient and will perform optimally.

The idea is to never see any degradation in speed or performance regardless of how long the PC runs for.

Windows 10X will rely on signed and trusted apps so theoretically, anti-malware software won’t be necessary. If that is the case, it should enhance O.S. performance significantly.

The resources used by anti-malware apps can be re-allocated to improve performance of other important areas within the operating system.

Microsoft is expected to share more details of Windows 10X for single-screen devices later this year.

Stay tuned for more…

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