Windows 10x may be ready for release to manufacturing (RTM) today

Windows 10x rtm

According to Microsoft Windows expert Zac Bowden, Windows 10x may be released to manufacturing as soon as today.

He expressed his opinion on Twitter today.

A month ago, we reported that Windows 10X was set to RTM sometime in December.

With a Release To Manufacturing, Microsoft will release the baseline version of the Operating System and continue to work on bugs before devices running the OS are released some time next year.

When news broke of Windows X, it was originally intended for high-end dual-screen tablets. Due to logistical and scheduling delays, the OS has now been repurposed for cheaper laptops running UWP apps and PWAs.

It is widely assumed that the Operating System will be positioned as a competitor to ChromeOS.

The first devices running the Operating System are expected in Spring 2021 and the target audience will probably be teachers, students and users who do not normally use computers.

Operating System improvements from Windows 10x may also end up in regular Windows 10 as appropriate.

As soon as we get hold of the bits, we will post them on our Download Windows 10x page.

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