New Windows 10x setup video

Windows 10x OOBE

Microsoft has redesigned the out of box setup experience that every Windows 10 device must endure when you power it on for the first time.

The Windows 10 setup experience is (now) a little dated and It seems like Microsoft may be making substantial changes for Windows 10x.

A new video showcasing the Windows 10X out of box experience (OOBE) on desktop has appeared online. The brief video hints that this new OOBE may soon be making its way to Windows 10 desktop.

The video was shared online by a well-known Windows fan – Windows Albacore.

The window itself is white, with colorful animations on the left, and the setup options on the right. Since Windows 10X is an OS that works on dual-screens, this UI spans across both displays. It also looks great on a single-screen device as well. In the bottom right is the Action Center, which in the setup process gives you quick access to volume controls and input language settings.

There’s doesn’t yet appear to be any new settings for users to configure during the setup process on Windows 10X. Apart from the new UI, all the settings that are presented appear to be the same as what’s on Windows 10 today.

Now, this is an early build, so this will probably change before Windows 10X hits RTM in the summer.

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