Microsoft describe new Windows Driver model

Windows 10x drivers desktop

A new support document, spotted by Windows Latest today, suggests that Windows 10X will use “Windows Drivers”, a new driver model introduced with Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

Windows 10X drivers

Microsoft now has a new model whereby drivers are now classified as either Windows Drivers or Windows Desktop Drivers.

Desktop Drivers will run exclusively on traditional Windows 10 computers while  Windows Drivers will run on devices with both Windows 10X and Windows 10.

The document states:

“Windows Drivers will run on all Windows 10 variants, including Windows 10X and Windows 10 Desktop editions. Windows Desktop Drivers will only run on Windows 10 Desktop editions,”

Windows 10X will be able to use the same Windows 10 drivers to run hardware and software so driver vendors will be able to use the same driver across all of their offerings.

Microsoft also stated that though vendors will not be coerced into modifying their existing drivers to meet additional requirements, making appropriate changes will enhance the quality and reliability, as well as prepare the driver for Windows 10X devices.

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