Microsoft BUILD 2021 details leak

Microsoft Digital Events 2021

Say, what’s the deal with May 57? More on that later. But first, we have some new intel on the upcoming Microsoft events that are on the horizon. Intel like their date and type.

Last year, when the coronavirus pandemic broke out, Microsoft announced that its events would be all-digital until July 2021. Well, as things turned out, this might go until the end of the year, meaning we will back to physical, in-person conferences in 2022.

This is, if we go by this latest leak.

A video shown by renowned Microsoft leakster WalkingCat shows off the dates of upcoming events, which were not publicly known. There is a clear focus on virtual events in every frame of this clip, and it in fact, drives home this point.


Such a richly produced video, but somehow, they messed up the date for BUILD. The dates listed are May 25 to May 57.


Now, obviously, no one has the stamina to tune in for 33 days, so 3 will suffice. The software titan should be able to cover all there is regarding Windows, software and apps, as well as other consumer focused technologies that it has lined up for us within this timespan.

Speaking of timespans, the fall flavor of the Ignite 2021 conference will be from October 13 to 14, an event called Microsoft Ready is set for July 21 to 22 of this year. And then we have another Ignite conference on March 2 to 4, likely next year. 2022, yeah.

How can there be so many mistakes in what is the most crucial segment of the video?

Beats me.

Anyway, none of this has been publicly announced. Dates could change between now and when the events do actually take place. This is a leaked video, after all. But even if the dates change, it is clear from the clip that the events will be all-digital.

Let’s just hope that Microsoft finally talks about “The New Windows” at BUILD 2021.

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