Lenovo Yoga dual-screen Windows 10X device leaks


Finally, some action on the hardware front! A new leak has confirmed that Lenovo is readying a Yoga dual-screen Windows 10X device that supports pen input and comes with a detachable keyboard.

That is to say, it resembles both the Dell Concept Duet machine and the Microsoft Surface Neo.

Prominent Microsoft leaker WalkingCat was first to report on this new device that on closer inspection looks like a less fancy version of the amazing ThinkPad X1 Fold that Lenovo so ceremoniously announced earlier this year.

Lenovo Yoga Dual Screen

As the accompanying images show, this unnamed Yoga device runs the Windows 10X operating system and comes with support for pen input.

Lenovo has also developed a detachable keyboard that seems to be staple for Windows 10X machines.

No word on the release date, pricing estimates or even the internal circuitry of this new Yoga device, making it hard to guess exactly which market segment the Chinese company is targeting with this upcoming machine.

But it will, in all likelihood, be 2021 before Lenovo brings this dual-screen Yoga device to market, seeing as Microsoft has delayed the release of Windows 10X.

Once it does, it will probably have to share the spotlight with devices from Asus and HP, as these companies also have similar devices in development. In fact, the total number of OEMs that are pioneering Windows 10X hardware is now five.

Including Microsoft, of course.

Here’s hoping we get more intelligence on this soon, now that the cat is out of the bag.

Thanks to WalkingCat, obviously.

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