Windows 10X will notify you when the camera is in use

Windows 10X Camera Indicator

A simple feature, but a welcome quality of life improvement. While Microsoft is customarily quiet on how Windows 10X is shaping up, new information about this new OS continue to surface.

From sources unexpected.

With talk that this new variant of the operating system will see daylight this month, people have been tinkering with prerelease builds of Windows 10X on whatever hardware they manage to get it on. Including old Windows Phone smartphones.

One such user managed to do so on a Nokia Lumia 950 XL.

This, as you may recall, was a handset that was released all the way back in 2015. It featured a 5.7-inch display and was a power packed device fit for the Microsoft logo. Well, that same device is in action now showing how the OS behaves.

As shown, Windows 10X notifies you when the camera is in use.

This is good news for those that value privacy above all else, but also goes to show that Microsoft is taking care of the little things in this new operating system. The company may be taking its sweet time with it, but it certainly wants to go in with a fully baked approach in terms of features.

Comparing this with Windows 10, the mainline OS only includes an indicator for the microphone.

But if this is any indication, then we could see the same indicator being rolled out for all variants of the Windows operating platform in due time.

Microsoft definitely likes to move features around here and there.

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