Windows 10X might not be here until 2021

Windows 10X Laptop

If you were expecting miracles, now might be a good time to manage expectations. Operating system are expensive, expansive affairs, as Windows 10X proves here.

This lean and mean new variant of the Windows operating platform has been the primary focus for Microsoft lately, with the software titan slowing down development of the mainline Windows 10 to concentrate on this new OS.

But like most large projects, this one had its fair share of hiccups.

Originally planned for dual-screen devices, Windows 10X has been through a rather storied development process — one that saw Microsoft announcing that it is reworking it for single-screen devices earlier this year.

Speaking of years, we now have intelligence that Windows 10X might not arrive until 2021.

This is a significant blow to the original launch plans that Microsoft had for this platform, which it is designing for education and business use. Essentially, all these plans, hardware and software, have been pushed back at least a year.

Single-screen devices running Windows 10X are now expected to arrive in spring 2021. Dual-screen hardware running the new OS is now rumored to be launched a year later, starting with machines like the Surface Neo.

If these reports hold true, then it looks like Microsoft now plans on delivering Windows 10X releases in the first half of each year, during spring.

This moves the new Windows 10 feature updates to fall of each year, something that has previously been alluded to.

Worth a mention here that all these are internal targets, and the real schedule is subject to change. It has happened before, more than once, and could happen again.

But at least, things seem to be finally taking shape now.

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