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What is Windows 10x?

Windows 10X is a new version of Windows 10 that been built from the ground up for foldable PC experiences in both dual-screen and single-screen configurations.

It’s built on top of a new modern version of Windows 10 that guts legacy components and features in favor of contemporary user experiences and enhanced security.

This means everything from the Windows Shell to the underlying OS has been rebuilt with modern technologies, while still maintaining legacy app support for those who need it.

Windows 10X will feature a new shell — a new user interface — that has been built with modern technologies. It’s an adaptive user experience that can adjust depending on the “posture” of your device.

Windows 10x User Interface

For example, with a foldable PC, the user might want to use it in several different ways; as a laptop, or tablet, or in tent mode for movies. Because of this, the user interface must adapt to provide the best experience no matter which way your device is being used.

This also means that legacy shell elements, such as the Control Panel, File Explorer, and error dialogs and icons are gone on Windows 10X. As Microsoft has rebuilt the entire shell, it doesn’t include any of the legacy things that makes Windows 10 so inconsistent when it comes to UI. The Windows Shell on Windows 10X will be much more consistent.

Windows 10x is meant to RTM in December and be widely available in early 2021.

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Windows 10x will be an interesting new Operating System and we are looking forward to exploring more about it and sharing our findings with you.

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