A new Microsoft webcam is coming this spring

Microsoft Webcam

It’s about time. Microsoft is planning a big Surface event this spring, reportedly set for sometime this May. And it looks like the company may have a new webcam in store as well for this gathering.

The technology giant is expected to take the wraps off of the Surface Pro 4, a device whose specification has already leaked. But alongside this newest member of the Surface family, Redmond is ready to introduce a new gadget as well.

One which it has a fair amount of experience with — a webcam.

The report does not provide a ton of details about the peripheral, but it does reveal that the new device will support HDR and include a physical privacy cover for those concerned about being spied on. But in terms of resolution, there will not be much of an upgrade. 4K support is not in.

In case you’re wondering why this interest in a camera all of a sudden, it all comes down to one of the company’s most popular products. That being Microsoft Teams.

2020 completely changed the way we work, with many of us moving the office in the safety of our homes.

With remote work now a reality, solutions that help with this have become a must have. With the software side experiencing growth, Redmond sees this as a good opportunity to grow in hardware too. A new Microsoft branded webcam makes all sorts of sense.

Besides, the company is not a stranger to making webcams.

Its LifeCam family got multiple releases from 2006 to 2011, and two of its most recent models are still available to buy straight from Microsoft, namely LifeCam Studio and LifeCam HD-3000.

Apparently, the company already had webcams planned since 2019 at least, but now is clearly the best time to release one. It aligns with the company’s strategy, and though this is not cutting-edge hardware, it does make for a substantial upgrade to what Microsoft currently has available.

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